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ACTRA Member Initiation Course (AMIC)

For many new members, your initiation into ACTRA was a heady affair, involving a handshake and a smile, some reading material and an encouraging ‘good luck’ – usually in between phone calls at the reception desk. That being said, becoming a Member of ACTRA has always been considered a serious decision which comes with not only benefits, but obligations and responsibilities appropriate to joining a union of more than 22,000 professional performers. To ensure that all new members clearly understand that point, ACTRA Ottawa offers the ACTRA Member Initiation Course (AMIC).

The AMIC was developed to provide new members with some valuable guidance, a thorough understanding of ACTRA’s role in this industry and an appreciation for the part they will play as members in determining how this organization works for them. Performers signing up as new AMs are expected to take the course within a year of obtaining their eligible credit. All Ottawa Apprentices and new members (who have not already taken a comparable course at another branch) are obligated to take the AMIC in order to become a Full Member of ACTRA.

The course lasts 4-5 hours with an additional one hour lunch break (lunch not provided), and will speak to such important issues as union solidarity, professional behaviour, administrative requirements, advantages of membership and others. It is very much an initiation into being a member of a union of professional performers. It will not, however, speak to matters of artistic development.

AMs and new members will have a resource of information provided to them that will hopefully make the head spinning world of unions, collective agreements, work permits, by-laws and a constitution a little easier to deal with and understand. The course will be offered as required.

Apprentice members of ACTRA can register for the AMIC by contacting ACTRA Ottawa at:


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