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Election 2014

Why does this election matter?

Government policies directly affect your work opportunities.

Smart political engagement by ACTRA  and our industry partners with the provincial government made Ontario more competitive and Ontario more film-friendly. Result? Record production volumes and jobs for performers.

•The screen entertainment industry created 30,000 jobs and contributed $1.15 billion to the Ontario economy in 2013 – nearly double the 2008 numbers.

Politics matters to Ontario performers.

In a fully globalized and highly competitive industry like ours, your work opportunities and working conditions depend on smart government policies – the kind of policies that you get only when you elect smart governments.

In this election, why not do something to improve your chances of getting more work as a performer? Like voting!

Electing governments that understand and support our industry is not a job we can leave to others. We have to do it ourselves. At the ballot box.


In this Ontario Election, vote for work opportunities!My Vote

On Thursday, June 12th we get to choose our government for the Province of Ontario.

ACTRA doesn’t back parties nor endorse candidates. But we do champion performer-friendly policies, and we definitely encourage all members to get involved, inform themselves of the issues and engage with the candidates. Remember, in a democracy, we get the government we deserve!

ACTRA  works constantly to get all levels of government to understand your industry and its issues. It’s important work and we’re pretty good at it. In the end though, this is about your work opportunities as a performer and it would be great if you spoke up, too.

Sure, we won’t always get everything we ask for, but, on the other hand, if we don’t keep asking, we’ll never get anything!

So read on! We have some tips, resources and recommendations that may help you to determine which candidates have your best interests as a performer at heart.

When candidates ask for your support, ask them to support you as a working performer.

Ask the Candidates…

WILL YOU support stability for Ontario’s film and television tax credits?

Ontario’s stable film &TV tax credits have been hugely successful and have resulted in record production volumes – creating 30,000 jobs and contributing $1.15 billion to the Ontario economy in 2013 – more than half from domestic production.

WILL YOU support legal protections for child performers?

Children get no special protections under Ontario’s labour law because children don’t work in Ontario – except when they do! Kids work regularly in the creative industries, often from an early age, and they deserve extra protection to keep them safe in the workplace.

WILL YOU support action to improve income security for cultural workers?

46% of artists 55 or over (about 18,000 Canadians) are at high risk in at least one of five key areas: finance, health, housing, isolation, career/legacy. 15% of artists 55 or over (about 6,000 Canadians) are at high risk in more than one area.

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