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* Promote Our Stories.

* Invest in Production.

* Create Jobs.

With an election in Ontario on June 7, 2018, there’s a lot at stake and we, as performers, need to be informed about the key issues affecting us and let others know how the province’s investment has contributed to the success of our industry.

Representation matters. Budgets matter.

Now is the time to speak up for our industry, protect culture and vote!

Our industry is responsible for 33,000 jobs and contributes more than $1.6 billion to the Ontario economy. To increase production levels, create more jobs, and guarantee basic protections for artists, we need to share our industry’s success with others.

You have an important role in this election to be visible, participate, and help others understand the creative industry.

Click below to look up your local candidates, get info on important issues and sample messages you can share on social media with just one click!

Visit our ACTRA Votes page

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