Productions listed on this page have signed agreements with ACTRA. Information listed here is subject to change.

If you are offered a role on a production that is not listed here, please contact ACTRA Ottawa to confirm whether there is an agreement between ACTRA and the Producer. Where an agreement is not in place, ACTRA members are not eligible to work on the production.

Please Note: ACTRA IS a union of professional performers. We REPRESENT performers. ACTRA IS NOT an engager. We DO NOT HIRE performers.

Late or missing payments: If you are missing a payment or you believe it may be incorrect, click here for information


Second Chance Christmas (MOW) July 4- 21
NE Second Chance Christmas Productions Inc.
Casting: Smyth Casting

My Secret Sister (MOW) July 16 – Aug 2 (TBC)
NB Thrilling Films Inc.
Casting: Smyth Casting

Now Shooting

Swindler Seduction (MOW) June 27 – July 19
Fool Me Twice Productions Inc.
Casting: Larissa Mair
BG Casting: Smyth Casting

The House Next Door (MOW) June 13 – July 4
NE House Next Door Productions Inc.
Casting: Tina Gerussi
BG Casting: Smyth Casting

Designing Christmas (MOW) June 6 – June 28
NE Christmas Fixer Upper Productions Inc.
Casting: Ilona Smyth


Record Breaking Christmas (MOW) June 6 – June 23
Fireside (RBC) Films Inc.

Fatal Family Reunion (MOW) May 25 – June 10
NE Fatal Family Reunion Productions Inc.

Rush For Your Life(MOW) May 9 – May 27
NE Rush For Your Life Productions Inc.

Reindeer Games (MOW) April 26 – May 6
Reindeer Games JPG Ontario Inc.

Mistletoe Time Machine (MOW) April 19-May 6
NE Mistletoe Time Machine Productions

Don’t Sell My Baby (MOW) March 26-Apr. 13
NB Thrilling Films Inc.

The Great Holiday Bake War (MOW) March 28-Apr. 14
NE Great Christmas Bake Off Productions Inc.

Well Suited (MOW) March 26-Apr. 14
Well Suited Films Inc.

How My Heart Was Stolen (MOW) Feb 28-March 18
FP2 Films Inc.

Ride Or Die
NE Revenge Body Productions Inc.

Ice Road Stalker(MOW) Jan. 17-Feb. 3
IR Stalker Productions Inc.