Productions listed on this page have signed agreements with ACTRA. Information listed here is subject to change.

If you are offered a role on a production that is not listed here, please contact ACTRA Ottawa to confirm whether there is an agreement between ACTRA and the producer. Where an agreement is not in place, ACTRA members are not eligible to work on the production.


The Perfect Cheerleader 2 (MOW) June 12 – June 29
NB Thrilling Films
Ilona Smyth

Now Shooting

Love At Sky Gardens (MOW) May 25 – June 10
NE Love At Sky Gardens Productions ULC
Ilona Smyth

Song & Story: Amazing Grace (MOW) June 2 – June 24
Amazing grace Productions (Ontario) Inc.
Larissa Mair Casting

Feeling Butterflies (MOW) June 7 – June 24
NE Love At Sky Gardens Productions ULC
Ron Leach


The Lakehouse Murders(MOW)
NE Lakehouse Murders Productions

Past Life (MOW)
PL Productions INC

A Sisterly Christmas (MOW)
NE Sisterly Productions ULC

A Christmas Stray (MOW)
Christmas Stray Productions ULC

Deadly Divorce Party (MOW)
NB Thrilling Films Inc.

Christmas Explorer(MOW)
Christmas Explorer Productions Inc.

A Chance For Christmas(MOW)
NE Chance For Christmas Productions ULC

Not My Child(MOW)
Ice Hotel (II) Films Inc.

Ice Hotel Holiday 2(MOW)
Ice Hotel (II) Films Inc.

My Next-Door Nightmare(MOW)
Reel One Films 4 Inc.

The Therapy Nightmares (MOW)
Carlow Production ULC.

Hidden Family Secrets
Boots & Stairs Productions

Deadly Mom Retreat
Deadly Mom Pictures Inc.

Castrato (AIP)
Castrato Film Inc.